Tuesday, April 19, 2005

4/19/05 link dump

Ben Jacobson reviews Yitzchak Fuchs' latest and the Moshe Skier Band. Funny thing is MSB doesn't have an album out.

MoC criticizes a selfish JM drummer.

The Jerusalem Post reports on the upcoming annual concert in Central Park timed to coincide with the Salute to Israel parade. Personally, I think the notion that that people attend this concert as a means of political expression is absurd. My impression of the attendees at the ones I've been at, is that for many, it's just a free show, featuring "name" JM entertainers, being held at a convinient time and place. They don't appear to be there in support of any particular political position vis a vis Israel. This being the case, those who tout the concert attendance numbers as meaning something are only fooling themselves. The Israeli government has no reason to take this event seriously.