Wednesday, March 30, 2005

What Gives? A Party Planner Tale

Just got a call from a client. We'd been booked earlier this week to play her daughter's upcoming engagement party on Sunday. This morning she called to cancel, because her wedding party planner booked a band, "either Neshoma or Neginah" (I thought it was funny that she wasn't sure of the band name. I know who it is.) and they were "throwing in the engagement party gratis." So, obviously, rather then spending the extra money, she was calling to cancel.

I should mention that the party planner had told the client to make arrangements for music for the engagement party herself. As far as I know, this party planner has never heard us, so there's nothing personal from that end. (The client has heard us at several affairs and was quite pleased we were available when she'd called to book us.) I can't imagine that the band knew that someone had been hired for the engagement party already, but the party planner was aware that the client was going to hire someone. I think her approach (the party planner's) on this is unethical.

I'm curious as to how other musicians would handle this situation.