Friday, March 11, 2005

Shameless Purim Music Plug

Mishenichnas Adar Marbin B’simcha!
Purim Sameach gathers together Purim tunes from around the world, from Chassidic nigunim to traditional Israeli songs, and from Klezmer melodies to contemporary Jewish folk rock. The tracks feature The Binyomin Ginzberg Trio in both woodwind and guitar trio formats, as well as one track with a guest fiddle player, and one track featuring a collaboration between members of the guitar and woodwind trios.
In addition to the standard Purim repertoire, the album includes arrangements of Diaspora’s “Ish Yehudi”, Chaim David’s “Layehudim”, Reva L’Sheva’s “Kein Tihyeh Lanu” and Ruach’s “Shoshanas Yaakov”. The album also includes popular Israeli melodies like Shoshanas Yaakov and Sason Viykar, as well as many Chassidic classics.

And now back to our regular programming…