Wednesday, March 23, 2005

JM Industry Purim News

In the spirit of the season, here are a number of JM news items and headlines you won't find anywhere else.
Agudah Bans Weddings -- Cites High Cost Of One-Man-Bands.

JM In The AM Raises $300,00 -- Jewish Community Demonstrates Support For Free-Form Radio.

Sax Player Fired For Playing Actual Swing Tune During "Swing Set."

Latest Hit Album Flops.

Keyboard Player Plays Melody. Horn Players Flummoxed.

Musician Plays Whole-Tone Scale On Club Date. Bandleader Demands Explanation.

New Miami Boys Choir CD Sounds Just Like Previous Releases.

Sold-Out Concert Sells Out -- In a surprising turn of events, a fund-raising concert billed as "sold out" actually was. Organizers were floored to find that people were actually buying tickets and planning to attend. It is rumored that the sponsoring tzedakah organization may have even broken even. Various JM personalities and "noch-shleppers" are said to be distraught about the dearth of complimentary tickets.

One-Man-Band Plays At Low Volume -- Makes Musical History!

Antares Auto-Tune Is Pleased To Announce It Has Reached An Endorsement Deal With EG Productions.

New CD, "Mostly Jewish Music," Released By Aderet. Member Acknowledges Blog in Dm When Quoting.

Bandleader Encounters Polite, Sober Bochurim At Purim Gig -- "This never happened before!" he says.

J-Walking 2 Goes Platinum. (This could happen.)

Lakewood Bochur Books Acoustic Klezmer Band For Wedding, Demands Low Volume -- Peers Are Outraged!

New CD, "Lipa Schmeltzer Unplugged," Flops.

Brooklyn Wedding Hall Feeds Musicians.

HASC 2006 Concert Lineup Announced. Will Be Exclusively Shwekey.

Band Plays Entire Wedding With No Rock Groove. Bride's Mother Alleged To Be Extremely Satisfied.

JM Singer Retires -- Aging, slack CD sales, and poor audience reaction cited as factors. Also, Jewish organizations' refusal to pay $50,000 for "benefit" appearances.

NY Couple Flies Cleveland Band In For Waldorf Wedding -- "We wanted it to rock and the NY bands just weren't cutting it," the couple said.

Nafsheinu Loses Gig! Price Cited As Determining Factor.