Sunday, November 23, 2003

Sameach @ the Wheel

So I just heard some of the new Sameach at the Wheel release. What are these guys thinking? The drums sound terrible and the guitar is way overprocessed. The album concept seems silly too... Jewish driving music???

Also, the Neshoma office seems to have a schizophrenic approach. One day they decry the secularization of Jewish music…
This album has been recorded with one purpose in mind. That purpose, simply stated, is to return Jewish Music to its former glory and splendor. It is our hope that we have captured the Neshoma of a Heimishe Simcha in its most pure and basic expression. That is, we have attempted to let the Niggunim and the words speak directly to the heart and soul of a Jew-without the extraneous influences that unfortunately have begun to corrupt many of our meaningful and most treasured Niggunim. We pray that you, the listener, will discern the emes amiti of the music included on this album and will allow it to elevate your Neshoma to an even higher plane(From the liner notes to Neshoma Orchestra's "A Heimishe Simcha" )
...while the next they're releasing this sort of rock/pop album. The album even includes The Axel F. theme from the Beverly Hills Cop movies.