Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Great News!

According to this article, The Chevra aren't in this for the long haul.
“There’s no real future unless I give my life to it,” said David Perlman, YC senior and member of the popular band The Chevra. “I look at it as more of a fun thing between friends than a business venture for the future.”
"Although its members are not interested in music as a long time career, The Chevra performs relatively often - at least twice a month and more often during Jewish holidays."
So, unlike the current situation with the Miami Boys Choir, we won't be subjected to an endless stream of albums with one or two good songs and a lot of filler.

I should temper this by pointing out that Eli Gerstner is showing no signs of slowing down.

Update: A reader emails to point out...

"Don't you have to play an instrument to be considered a band? I would say it's a"