Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Jungle Music!

I've heard the song V'eirastich off of the new Ohad release on Nachum Segal's radio show and am finding it irritating. The background vocals are by Yossi Green, who composed the songs and produced the album, and they are so annoying. It sounds to me like he recorded multiple tracks of himself hooting. And, altough I'm sure that he didn't intend this, he sounds like a gorilla in heat.. whooo, whoo, whoo! In general, I've been noticing a trend towards more annoying backup vocals on these albums over the last few years. This is just one of the more egregious ones.

Most of the producers are using the same guys (who never sounded good) and have been trying to outdo the other recordings by having the vocals do more shtick. It rarely works, as we all can hear.

Another peeve of mine with regard to these vocalists is that it has become standard for arrangers to have the vocals sing the intro or interlude theme, even when these lines are clearly instrumental parts like horn hits or guitar solos and not vocal lines.

Finally, once I've mentioned the Ohad song, the auto-tune effect he uses on part of the vocals is so lame. Plus, it's been used before (excepting Cher and numerous pop stars) by many other Jewish artists on their recent albums. Hmm.... cheesy and unoriginal... let's put this one to rest guys.