Monday, February 11, 2013

Purim News Headlines

In the spirit of the season, we are pleased to bring you news headlines the J-media will not be bringing you. Besides, Rabbi Zev Brenner needs some more material for his Purim show. (Hi, Zev!)

Pope Benedict XVI Resigns Position To Enter "A Jewish Star" Competition

Hasidic Pop Stars Release Music Video In Support of Convicted Child Molester Nechemia Weberman (Sadly, this could happen)

After Falling Off Charts, Matisyahu Opens "Matisyahu Orchestra & Singers" Office in Boro Park

Aaron Teitelbaum Productions and Shelly Lang Orchestras To Merge

Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak Rally At Nassau Coliseum Banned

BMG Announces 1st Annual Fundraising Concert Featuring Shyne, Shtar, and Kosha Dills.

Maccabeats 'Tzom Gedalya' Single Debuts At #1 On Billboard Charts

Airmont Shul Franchises To Open In Monroe, W'Burg, New Square, and Meah Shearim

Beis Yaakov Rebbetzin To Launch Facebook Competitor To be Called Soulbook

New Crowd-Funding Websites Indie-Schnorrers and Schnorrer-Starters Launched

Avraham Fried Wins "A Jewish Star" Competition

Lipa Schmeltzer Enrolls In YCT Semicha Program

HASC Concert Announces Next Year's Event To Be For Men Only

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