Friday, February 26, 2010

Purim News Headlines

In the spirit of the season, we are pleased to bring you news headlines the J-media will not be bringing you. Besides, Rabbi Zev Brenner needs some more material for his Purim show. (Hi, Zev!)

Breitbart Announces New Website:

Agudah PR Flack Rabbi Avi Shafran Writes Inoffensive Article

Tav Hayosher Expands To Include Music Hechsherim. Will Work To Ensure Musicians On "Kosher" Albums Are Paid Living Wages. Denies Certification To Well-Known Wedding Band Office

"Jewish Star" Contest Entrant A Surprise Hit With "Hozen Oyf Der Erd"

HASC Concert Update: Surprise Guest Singer Leib Tropper Booed!

Agudath Israel Stuns Community: Organizes Rally In Support of Honest Person With No Criminal Record

Israeli Rabbanut Retroactively Annuls All Weddings Where Lipa Schmeltzer Sang At Chupah

Sholom Rubashkin Releases Chassidic Pop CD: Rabbonim Flip-Flop, Push For Longer Jail Sentence

Beis Yaakov of Manhattan Hires Sarah Palin As Tznius Advisor

Congress Includes Satmar Wedding Takanos In New Stimulus Bill

Toyota Partners With Kars 4 Kids. Will Ship New Vehicles Directly To Oorah. Attorney Generals In All 50 States Vow To Investigate.

Rabbi Ephraim Luft Apologizes To Chareidi Musicians For Lying About Jewish Music. Announces Plans To Release Chareidi Heavy Metal Album

Responding To Recent Debacles, Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah Announces Ban Against Askanim and Kannoim.

Rabbi E.B. Wachtfogel Endorses Rabbah Sarah Hurwitz, Cites "Rabah Emunasecha" As Basis

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