Sunday, January 17, 2010

Music Hechsher, Redux aka Rabbi Luft Is At It Again!

So there's a lot of noise about a hachsher for Jewish music on the J-Blogosphere at the moment. Here are some links for ya'll.

בחדרי חדרים


Daas Torah

Life in Israel has a good suggestion. He writes:
I recommend that there be a consumer boycott against any disk, and the artist, that plays along with these guys and puts the shtemple on their disk. Don't buy the disk and don't use the artist for your weddings and affairs. By playing along with the new Vaad they give them power and help them increase their power. If people don't buy disks with the shtemple, artists will think twice before they agree to give this Vaad the power...
This post at says it all.
From our research and conversations, we have not yet found any of the gedolim publically supporting or giving their haskama on this endeavor at the present time. The committee may eventually announce who has supported this initiative, but at the present time they have not yet done so.
There is nothing new about this. The person behind this is Rabbi Ephraim Luft. The guidelines at the above links are edited versions of the ones previously released which I've addressed here on this blog. This sort of deception is typical of his MO.

I have amply documented Rabbi Luft's misrepresentations on this blog. A full critique of Rabbi Luft's ideas and his "book" can be found here. In short, essentially NONE of the (very) few Torah sources Rabbi Luft cites in his book or in the footnotes to his rules, actually say what he claims they say. I've documented this in my series on his book. You needn't take my word for it. Just look them up in the original.