Monday, January 25, 2010

More "Kosher Music" Rules

Garnel Ironheart is offering some additional halachos of "Kosher" music

1) After listening to country music, you must wait 6 hours before listening to rock unless it was German country music in which case you only have to wait 3 hours.
2) One should not listen to classical music and the blues at the same time because of sakanah.
3) If one has played pop music in a CD player, one must wait 24 hours before playing another type of music in the machine. However, in a time of great need, one can immerse the CD player in boiling water and then put the new CD in.
4) When a CD is removed from its package for the first time, it must be rinsed thoroughly with water, submerged in salt for half an hour and then rinsed again before it can be used.
5) During Pesach, any songs that reference words such as 'bread' or other chometz items must be sold to a non-Jew."
He's asking for more suggestions.

Here are a few:

1) After listening Dutch folk music. you only need to wait one hour before listening to rock.
2) Men who listen to recordings of women singing must set those recordings aside and avoid listening to them for 12 days per month.
3) mp3 downloads must be scanned for bugs prior to use.
4) An iPod that was used to listen to inappropriate music must be left unused for 24 hours prior to kashering.