Monday, June 15, 2009

An Abundance of Peeps

There seems to be a bumper crop of "peeps" this season. Here are some more.

"My Speech Must Start Now!"

This peep absolutely needs to start his/her speech THIS VERY SECOND! No need to cue the band, wait for them to end the song, or even ask permission to use their mic. Such formalities are for plebes. Not for someone with something this important to say.
Invariably, this peep is also a "can't be bothered to say thank you" peep at the end of the affair.

The "I Can't Believe I Have To Wear A Suit" Guy

This peep wears a suit that looks like its from the 1970's. A neat trick, considering that he was born in the late '80's. Always accessorizing his afro and aforementioned suit with a big satin kipah, this peep adds a touch of nostalgia with his inadvertent impersonation of "Saved By the Bell's" Screech.

"Italian Aria Guy"
This chazzan, classically trained in Russia approximately 70 years back, wants to sing Italian opera arias during dinner. Lots of them. He doesn't bring music and won't be denied the mic. "It's easy, you'll just follow me," he says, launching into one obscure aria after another. Guess he can't tell the difference between the Met and a shul social hall.