Friday, February 27, 2009

From the mailbag...

Bo Whitaker writes:
Did you ever come up with anything to organize your music for gigs ? I’ve also been struggling with this and have also thought it would be good if we could have a wireless laptop that could organize your gig music (by artist, song, etc…), sort of like does (and then display it on musicians screens (allowing them to bold it, zoom it, etc… ). Currently, I just have 2 THICK binders organized by band/artists that I flip through. It’s not easy. People call out songs all the time and many times I have the lyrics/chords somewhere, just can’t put my hands on it at the moment. Kind of frustrating. OK, very frustrating. Any ideas would be helpful
I'd be interested in hearing how readers address this issue.

Psachya writes:
In response to Naftali: I understand your reaction, but I wouldn't take this lady too seriously. In my many years of clubdating, I have noticed that people's natural tendencies tend to be augmented at a family simcha. Nice folks become even nicer, and the mean-spirited among us tend to show their true colors loud and clear. Just think of her as wearing a huge sandwich board with the words I AM A JERK emblazoned proudly on both sides, and you'll feel much better. Better yet, do what our gracious blog-host would have undoubtedly done: turn her into a Peep!
On the same topic, Dovid writes:
Slap her on the cheek and see if she turns to give you her other cheek. You can tell her you were testing to see if she was really a closet Christian.
Steve Schwab forwards the info for this Sunday at Puppets, where they've been having a Jewish music series Sunday nighs.
Puppets Jewish Music Sundays welcomes pianist Mirele Rosenberger and singers this Sunday. Showtime is 6:30-8:30 PM. $10 cover  and $5 minimum

Puppets Jazz Bar, 481 5th ave. between 11th and 12th streets, Park Slope,Brooklyn NY
Yossi Zweig writes:
Why haven't you posted the Gershon Veroba's Don't Stop single???????
I must have missed the letter (with check enclosed) where he hired me to be Gershon's PR agent... Seriously, I'm happy to link promo mp3's, but don't send me the files and expect me to upload/host/etc. Send me a link, and I'll be glad to put it up! Obviously within reason. (That's for the folks sending tons of unsolicited mp3's w/o asking first.)