Monday, February 23, 2009

From the mailbag...

Naftali writes:
I left a recent gig dazed and fuming. I had finished playing the gig, and the client came up and handed me an envelope with the cash enclosed. Upon counting it, I noticed there was $50 extra than the actual price. I went back to her and mentioned it, obviously expecting her to tell me that it was a tip for a job well done. Much to my shock she says, "I was testing you to see if you were honest" and she took back the $50!! The rudeness on so many levels!

1) What gives her the right to test me?! Am I up for the job to be Av Bais Din of the city?
2) Say that it IS her job to test me - Why say it? She should just say thank you for your honesty and know in her head that it was a test - But to SAY IT?

What is your take on this, how would you have reacted, and maybe your readers can submit some good one-liners that I should have retorted with.
Sar S. writes:
do you know where i can find all cd's for nadverna songs
i do have #1 #5 only
E. forwards a link "Chazanim Tune Up For Pesach" and comments on Cantor Goffin's Shwekey arrangement: "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em."