Sunday, April 01, 2007

Pre-Pesach Links

Tonic is closing this month. It's a shame! Their programming had shifted away from Jewish music in recent years, but for a long time, they were the home to the Jewish music scene (trad. and contemporary klez/Jewish avante garde and more). I heard many great Jewish bands there including David Krakauer's "Klezmer Madness", Khevrise, Margot Leverett and the Klezmer Mountain Boys, Naftule's Dream, various Zorn projects, and more. Years ago, I took a master class with David Krakauer there.

Ari Davidow has an interesting post up at the Klezmer Shack. Here's a taste:
So, an institution is holding a series of events featuring musicians who represent different parts of the Jewish music community. One of the musicians is a pop musicians of the sort (as near as I can tell) who sets religious poetry to current rock/pop sounds—the sort of thing that the Sephardic piyut writers did a thousand or two years ago in what is now Iraq.

To me, and to the organizers of the event, this was music best described as "Jewish Orthodox pop"—the qualifier added because it is music very much enjoyed by some parts of the halachic community, but which is unknown and generally making no impression outside that large community.

But, of course, I get an angry email, as though I wrote the concert description, demanding that I remove the word "Orthodox." I do as requested, but all the while, I think to myself, "hey turkey, you may want to pretend that this is music that speaks to the larger Jewish community, but it doesn't. So, you have just removed a signifier that will let that part of the community that isn't aware of your music, know that there is a concert of interest.
I see both sides of this one. I think the artist is worried that the label "Orthodox" will turn off potential attendees.

Hirhurim links to a Jewish Week column by Rabbi David Wolpe.
What are we thinking when we send children to parties where there will be drinking, drugs, and people treating their bodies as though they were disposable? Why bring a 10-year-old to a concert where the principle virtue of the performer is that she is scantily dressed and exudes sexual allure?

Parents are the first and most important teachers of their children. So here is a word to teach: NO.
It shouldn't need to be said, but sadly, it does.

Here's a pair o' posts from Life o' Rubin: HASC 19 DVD PULLED FROM JUDAICA SHELVES and Public Service Announcement to Yisroel Williger.

BBspot has obtained the RIAA Lawsuit Decision Matrix.

MOChassid reviews Michael Shapiro's latest.

The Jewish Week reports about Alicia Svigal's curating gig at "The Stone."

Teruah is getting ready for Pesach with children's music!

Finally, Y. Love and Yuri Lane have released a Sefira rap album. It features seven songs with Rhymes and Beat Box only. Listen to a sample track, "Watch", here. You can buy it from Modular Moods here. It's not your mother's AKApella.