Sunday, April 29, 2007

4/29/07 Link Dump

Here's an important article about DRM: "Criminalising the consumer." (Via Instapundit.)

Peter Kirn writes "May 15 Could be End of Internet Radio."

"'Monster Mash' Singer Bobby 'Boris' Pickett Dies at 69." I'm awaiting the Country Yossi Magazine obituary. CY owes him one.

For heimishe-circuit saxophonists; "Saxophone Special Effects."

Hey, they're making a movie about the klezmer cruise.

I didn't know Keith Emerson was Russian.

THE LIFE-OF-RUBIN BLOG links to an acapella version of Piamenta's "Siman Tov" performed by Avi Piamenta. He also links to a NY Post profile of Issac Bitton.

MO Chassid posts a CD update. He also rants about "Hosu Lashem."

Hirhurim posts about "Takanos and Korbanos."

The Washoington Post asked violinist Jonathan Bell to busk in the metro. Here's what happened.

Y-love on his Yom Ha'atzmaut gig...

It's the Baby Grand Master!

Aryeh reviews AKA Pella 2.

Jew School posts some Yom Hashoa hip-hop by Subliminal and Miri Ben Ari.

Here's Ornette Coleman's Lifetime Achievement Acceptance Speech.

DovBear posts a "Jewish Guitar Hero.

Here's the Jerusalem Post on pianist Uri Caine.

Ben Jacobson reviews discs by Asaph Neve Shalom and Sam Glaser. Also David Ross.

The Forward profiles Rav Shmuel.

Michael Brecker's last album will be released next month. You can hear some clips at the above link.

Here's a song about the mitzvah to say 100 brachos a day!

Mazal Tov to Pete Sokolow on being named to the People's Hall of Fame.

A Simple Jew posts "Question & Answer With Shlomo Katz - A Musician During Sefira."

The Jerusalem Post profiles bassist Eli Magen.