Tuesday, October 03, 2006

10/3/06 Link Dump

Not what you'd expect, Eric Clapton Rethinks Playing 'Cocaine'.

NY's Funniest Rabbi is Statman-blogging.
I was once at a Chanukah extravaganza at Nassau Coliseum, not sure why – but I was. And before the Miami Boys and other featured Las Vegas show tune styled acts came out Andy Statman did a couple of numbers. It was tragic – witnessing one of the world’s greatest living musicians being ignored. Matt Glaser is quoted in this new article as commenting that “Andy has an internal sense of doing whatever would guarantee that he would not be commercial.” That only makes me like him more.
Stephen Colbert reports on John Zorn's "Genius Grant" from the MacArthur Foundation.

Here's an interesting project: a Metal version of the story of Exodus. Passover music for headbangers.

A bit late, here's a Rosh Hashana Rap.

Here's a nice tambourine solo.