Friday, December 02, 2005

Only Shmorgs!

Tired of having to stay for the whole shebang when you just want to go for the shmorg?

Tired of hearing “im yirza Hashem by you” when all you want is more Duck L’Orange?

Tired of missing the carving stations because 37 shadchonim are hanging onto your tux?

Tired of spending $1,000 for a dress in "her favorite color" and never wearing it again?

Tired of missing the waiter with the little hot dogs because you had to sign the ketubah?

Tired of being invited to JUST THE CHUPAH???

Be tired no more, you are invited to the YL’s Just Shmorg!

Everything you always wanted from a wedding without the wedding!

No shadchonim, no im yirzha Hashem’s, no ketubah, no chatan’s tish, no chupah…

Black Tie Preferred