Sunday, October 16, 2005

From the mailbag...

Alan Watsky writes about this:
People are on to the Moldavian tunes and style. German Goldenshteyn has been active on the Klezkamp scene with M. Alpert and Alex Kantorovitch teaching the songs and styles. Also Stas Ryko , whose name I just misspelled, has been doing Ukrainian field work and is a very fine fiddler in his own right. This is the "folk stream" and is what we're most excited about for the last few years.

Check out Di Neye Kapelye and Veretsky Pass. More folky/funky/rhythmic Jewish music.
There is soon to be an evolution and rebirth of a Jewish pan European folk style. A highly nuanced performance style that reintegrates Jewish/Yiddish Folk culture with the with its European roots. Its happening NOW. The happy result will be the reestablishment of Jewish Culture in Eastern Europe. Aftselakhis.

Also consider that there is and was a whole lot of Iron Curtain stuff that was recorded between the wars, that is available and interesting. More Stalinist and organized, but still Jewish. There is lots of interesting Eurocentric Jewish music that is very danceable and not nostalgia bound. Joyous musical culture.
Ron writes:
I am researching the old Jewish music record label Tikva Records. I wonder if any of your readers/contributors know anything about the label, its practices or its owners? Any anecdotes or information is welcomed. Thanks much!
If anyone has any information, we'll be glad to pass it on.