Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Speaking of Israeli Products...

On my recent trip to Israel, I also purchased a stuffed doll dressed as a Chosid holding a saxaphone. About 8" tall, Shloimela is dressed all in black wearing a shtreimel on his head and his tzitzis out. He dances and plays music when his hand is pressed.

Here's the box's description:
Reb Shloimale: Hassidic Singer

In northern Ukraine, in the Jewish shtetl of Barditchev, lived Rabbi Shloimela the saxaphone player. One day, the wealthy baron decided to mingle among the townsfolk and see them at close quarters. Without anyone knowing about this, he went off to stroll around the Jewish market in the streets of the town. Suddenly, his attention was drawn to sensitive and emotional music coming from the saxaphone of Reb Shloimale, who stood at the entrance to the market playing Chassidic tunes for the enjoyment and delight of the passersby.

The music enraptured the wealthy baron and he decided to take Reb Shloimale back with him to the castle. Since that day, Reb Shloimale has been living in elegance and comfort in the castle, and continues to cause the baron and all the inhabitants of the town, joy and emotion with his wonderful music.
In case you're wondering, the song he plays is... a swinging version of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town."

According to the retailer, the Israeli product designers had asked the Asian manufacturer to install a Jewish music chip in the doll. The manufacturer had said that they didn't have a Jewish chip, but could put a jazz chip instead, which is what they did. He was pretty sure that no one involved in the production had any idea that the "jazz" was actually Christmas music.