Sunday, December 19, 2004

Some More Links

Biur Chametz professes his love for Christmas carols.

Here's an article you've probably missed, "The Bart Simpsons of the Yeshivah", that references the recent Kol Zimra performance at the White House. (Thanks, E!)

Not again!

Matisyahu's got plans:
"In the back of the club after the concert, Matisyahu talked about his long-term goals -- in music and religion -- and it was clear he has his sights on a future larger than himself.

'In 10 years the Messiah will be here. I'll be singing and dancing in Jerusalem. All the dead will come back, we'll be singing together.'

Here's an articleabout a nice Jewish sax player with a new EP out... of Christmas songs.

Finally, Baltimore's Rabbi Menachem Goldberger has a new CD out.