Thursday, September 11, 2003

More Reader email

One reader emails in response to my post about the music volume at weddings:
"There was one point in time where every single gig I played, this one annoying woman always was always in attendance...and it was her personal mission to complain about the volume.  Even during the shmorg when there was NO amplification and the drummer played with brushes, she would walk by the band holding her ears and give us a look.  I had HAD it! So one time during a dance set, when the volume is obviously a bit louder...she came up to me and yelled, "CAN ANYTHING BE DONE ABOUT THE VOLUME!!"  So I yelled back, "I'M SORRY..IT'S TURNED UP AS HIGH AS IT CAN GO!!"

There are some people who like to complain about everything. Perversely, the more they find to complain about, the happier they are. Not to stereotype, but there's usually at least one of these people at the weddings I've played in Brooklyn.