Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Got A Klezmer Question?

Ask Dr. Klez!

He also leaves us with the Blog in Dm "Sufi Thought of the Day!"

"There is an old Sufi anecdote related to this: Hodsha is playing his saz (long-neck lute). Every day, for hours and hours, he sits with his saz and plays the same note without ever changing it. Day in and day out, Hodsha sits contentedly with his saz and quietly plays his one note. After weeks of this his wife finally approaches him and says, “Hodsha, I need to ask you something: all of the other saz players move their fingers all over their sazes, up and down, all over the place, always searching for a new note to play, but you, all you do is play that one note all day long, every day. Why don’t you do what all the other saz players do and change it?" Hodsha, lost in his music, looks up slowly without stopping to play his note, and says, "Because that note that all the other saz players are searching for? Well, I’ve found it."

Must be a fun guy to jam with... "Play it again, Hodsha!"