Tuesday, August 05, 2003

More on the Chevra

Country Yossi says: "Eli has his finger on the pulse of today's generation. He has a keen sense of our musical tastes and disposition. He recognizes our likes and dislikes. That's not something he learned in music school or read about in a book. That's just something that he was born with."

He also says: "Come on, Eli. You make it sound so easy. As if it were no big deal to create a song like "Yehai," with such universal appeal that it can be chanted gleefully by young children, while its deeper message of ultimate peace granted by the Ribono Shel Olam can be appreciated by everyone else. And while "Yehai" has become something of a banner song for our community these days, it represents only the tip of the vast and elaborate iceberg known as the Chevra."

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You just can't make this stuff up!!!