Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Dueling Bands - Shloimy Daskal Edition

A little dueling bandstands for you today... Shloimy Daskal vs. Shloimy Daskal.

Since it's become very common for people to hire a band and a separate featured vocalist, there are lots of times when name singers are performing the same songs/arrangements with different bands.

It can be interesting to contrast these versions. Here's one such 'battle of the bands".

The tune is an old Tzlil V'zemer number (off of Vol. 2), which was more recently covered by Dedi in the '90's, IIRC. This Latin arrangement is based on the Dedi version

To me, the Freilach version is much more interesting. (I don't think their arrangement works as well on the second tune they segue into.) Both versions are reasonable well-done, as it were. Freilach takes it out of wedding band cover territory, adding their own personality to it.

What do you think?

Freilach Orchestra version

Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra & Productions version