Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Shame on Cinematic Strings

Cinematic Strings promises a student discount to a correspondent, but then reneges when they learn he lives in Israel, because they support BDS. The student's wife writes about it in  "A Sour note."

For shame!

Update: Attempted walk back. Standing up to bullies works!

Another update:

This new comment by Alex from Cinematic Strings (on the link above) on that page sounds sincere.

Just an update. We realised that our own stance had been discriminatory, and that was not something we meant to do. We have given the discount to the artist concerned and in fact we have emailed him today and he is happy to work with us. We have agreed to provide the discount to every student regardless of their location, and after several discussions and further research, we have withdrawn our support of the BDS. We have done this because, while we still support open dialogue aimed at achieving peace and equality, we now consider the aims of the BDS movement to be extreme and counterproductive. Thanks for your time. Kind regards, Alex