Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Recent Peeps

"I'm The Ba(n)dleader"
This peep will hire you t play a family event. He will spend the entire evening micro-managing the music, telling you exactly what songs to play, and when.

He's not concerned with the niceties/conventions of finishing a song before tarting the next one, which songs will work well for dancing, etc. He won't let that stop him. You'll do what he says, when he says it.  Now. Not in three more measures at the end of the tune.

"Sneak Photographer"
This peep will stand near you and snap pictures, but only when she thinks you're not looking. Whenever you look at her, she'll avoid eye contact, and pretend to be checking her phone as she lurks.

"Sheet Music Thief"
This peep wants some sheet music. What better way to get it than to remove an entire dance section from one of the band's binders while the band is on break? Stay classy Mr/Ms thief.