Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More Peeps

Some more peeps for y'all...

The "Flamboyantly Gay Simcha Dance Leader"

Because nothing says "welcome to ol hamitzvos" like a flamboyantly queer male dancer leading your  Bar Mitzvah boy and his yeshivish classmates in simcha dancing.

The "Lesbian Yeshiva Boy"
This peep is stylin' for cuz's frum wedding, dressed like a 7-8 year old yeshiva boy. White dress shirt, matching pinstriped slacks and vest, with no jacket. Oh, and she rocks the payes. Long ones, like the yeshivish kids all have.

The "Can't Count Teacher"
This peep will hire you to accompany her kindergarten class at graduation. At rehearsal the week of the event, you will discover that she's taught the kids one song in 4/4 with an extra bar of 1/8. In another, she's got three dropped beats somewhere in middle. She'll also count in the songs in 3/4 even though they are all in 4/4.