Friday, December 07, 2012

It's Been A While Since We Had A Post About A Ban....

so here's one... just in time for Chanukah!

 Failed Messiah posts "Williamsburg Hasidim Attack Cancer Charity, Causing Ban" about a controversy over a charity fundraiser event featuring live entertainment that was protested in Williamsburg. He calls it a ban in his translation of the text, which is not correct. The text asks people to call and protest to the organization, it does not ban the organization/event. At any rate, the organization wound up blocking the live stream of the event from IP blocks in Williamsburg (and perhaps other neighborhoods. Viewers who logged in from those areas were greeted with a message reading "OOPS! Sorry, due to rabbinical guidance, our video stream can not stream to the IP address of your neighborhood." See the FM link for a screen cap. Oy!