Friday, June 29, 2012

Review: Hercules KS400B Keyboard Stand

Following up on my review of the Quik-Lok Monolith keyboard stand....

The next keyboard stand on my "demo list", the Hercules KS400B, arrived today.

Amazon has it here:

What attracted me to this stand was the neatly compact way it folds, as well as the simple, easy to adjust features, enabling it to be raised/lowered and widened/narrowed quickly. This is probably the most compact keyboard stand I've seen, when folded. The adjustable latches, grips, etc. are super-easy to use. As with the Monolith, no one local seems to stock this one, so I had to order it on spec.

Despite it's specs on paper, this one is a disappointment, as when its raised to standing height, the keyboard rocks and sways while being played. This seems to be inherent in the design, and so I can't recommend this stand for musicians who play standing up. The "give" is simply unacceptable. Since I do often play standing, this one is being sent back ASAP. I had anticipated taking it on a few gigs this coming week, but it is simply unusable for playing while standing, so there's no point.

The stand does work for playing while seated, but all things considered, I'd say the the Monolith is a better choice for my purposes.

Amazon has the Monolith here.