Wednesday, June 23, 2010

6/23/10 Link Dump

Jeremiah Lockwood's latest Nigun-in-Residence at the Forward is Mimitzrayim Ge'altanu.

The WJC reports about a children’s song endorsing martyrdom that is gaining popularity in Arab world. This is sad!

KFAR is giving away free Jewish music by The Sway Machinery * Moshe Skier Band * Tracy Friend * Modern Klezmer Quartet * Golem * Sagol59 * Breslov Bar Band * Shir Yaakov * Stereo Sinai * Sarah Aroeste * Naomi Less * Evan Jacover.

Treppenwitz (happy B-day, BTW) comments on Elvis Costello cancelling his Israel concert.

On the same topic, in the Guardian... "When Musicians Boycott Countries There Are No Clear Winners."

Guess who's cornered the vuvuzela market... that's right!

Tablet writes up and podcasts Yiddish Princess. So does The Arty Semite. YP front-princess Sarah Gordon is one of this years 36 Under 36.

Ben Sheffner says that the "We Are The World" flotilla spoof does not count as legally protected parody. See why here.