Tuesday, November 17, 2009

11/17/09 Link Dump

The Jewish Music Report posts "Ethnomusicology – the Americanization of Niggunim," the notes for a lecture given to an ethnomusicology by the Chabad shaliach at the University of Washington. Natch, it reflects a Chabad-centric view of the subject

Over at Vos Iz Neias: "Satmar to Open Subsidized Wedding Hall." Complete wedding package including music, entertainment [fake] flowers. and photographers for less than $10,000. I think they should offer a Vegas-style option too. It'd save even more $$$.

Failed Messiah posts a video report on Menachem Philip's chazara b'she'ala, "Haredi Music Star Leaves Orthodoxy."

The Volokh Conspiracy takes on the typical "yeshivishe lomdus" approach to copyright law in "Yeah, That’s A Good One." I have no reason to think Bluebeat.com is owned by chareidim, but their logic sounds an awful lot like that of the typical Vos Iz Neias/Yeshiva World/Matzav commentor.

Speaking of... Matzav assures us that contrary to what you might think, all is hunky-dory in Shwekey land. They know because the brother who is allowed to use his last name on his CD's says so. Great investigative reporting!

Frum Satire posts a rap video. Nothing like sampling an old Jewish boys choir record to make your beatz!

The Forward posts "A Concerto for Ancient Hebrew Ram’s Horn."I've heard Avitsur play. He has a wonderfully rich and warm sound.

Jewish Guitar Chords has added a random song generator. Why decide what to play, when this page will do that for you?

Over at Circus Tent, !זינג, וועלוול זינג

The story behind Guitar Center. Behind The Music (That Sucks)!

Finally, the ultimate explanation of Progressive Rock!