Monday, March 09, 2009

Purim Headlines!

In the spirit of the season, we are pleased to bring you news headlines the J-media will not be bringing you. Besides, Rabbi Zev Brenner needs some more material for his Purim show. (Hi, Zev!)

Ateres Avrohom Installs Automatic Pitch Correction On Chupa Mic

Rabbis Ban One-Man-Band Arranger Keyboards Citing High Costs: Limit Musicians To Casio Brand Keyboards Only

Cadillac Signs Deal To Use Kol Noar Track In New Escalade Commercial

Rabbi Avremel Schorr Apologizes To Lipa Schmeltzer

Novominsker Rebbe Apologizes To Lipa Schmeltzer

Rav Aharon Schechter Apologizes To Lipa Schmeltzer

Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah Join Facebook

Vos Iz Neias and Yeshiva World Commentors Apologize for Daily Chilul Hashem

Facebook Campaign To Get Sameach To Release Menucha 2 Album A Flop

Matisyahu Abandons Karlin; Becomes Kretchnover Chossid

Sameach and Aderet To Merge; Industry Analysts Cite Redundant Products As Cause

Rabbi Ephraim Luft Resigns From Committee For Jewish Music; Apologizes For Deceiving Gedolim

New Album "Avraham Fried Raps" A Commercial Failure, But Critics Rave

NY Jewish Week Signs Content Sharing Deal With J-Bloggers

New Broadway Show, "Pester Rebbe Live," Wins Tony

Upcoming Agudath Israel Convention To Address Rising Anti-Semitism Will Honor Bernie Madoff, Wextrust Partners, & Three Drug-Smuggling Chassidim Currently Jailed In Japan

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