Tuesday, December 02, 2008

From the mailbag...

Steve Schwab writes about a new Jewish Music venue he's curating in Brooklyn:
Jewish Music Sundays at Puppets Jazz Bar...481 5th Ave. Park Slope...Brooklyn,NY 11215 This is a weekly jam session /performance situation open to the community at large...There will be bands performing as well as a jam session...
He's looking for performers. It's a door gig. If you're interested, send me an email and I'll send you Steve's email address. (I'm not posting it for spam prevention purposes.)

He's also performing at the Jewish Music Cafe this Sat. night.He writes:
My performance is called...Jootsy Szaba aka Steve Schwab brings his quartet to the Jewish Music Cafe on Saturday night Dec.6...They will perform a very varied set of original songs on jewish themes...
401 9th st. between 6th and 7th aves. Park Slope
Anon forwards a link to a video of a news report on a fashion -show fundraiser organized by ex-Spice Boy, Shmuel, now Sam, who sis taking taking a new approach to music and production, Lehavdil!

Psachya writes:
So I'm playing at a yeshivish Bar Mitzvah the other day, and (as per a request), I launch into "Rabi Nachman", the song formerly known as "Numa Numa." I am approached by an earnest young bochur, and the following conversation ensues:

EYB: I'm sorry, you have to stop playing that song!
ME: Why?
EYB: My rebbi says it's ossur - it comes from goyishe music!
ME: OK - give me a second, and I'll switch to "Yidden".
EYB: Ummmm - OK!

Sorry - I just couldn't resist.

Michael Fish asks:
What is the Jewish tune that Avrumi Ackerman is referring to?
Guess it's not that popular!