Wednesday, January 02, 2008

1/2/08 Link Dump posts an interview with Adi Ran. Check out their Yosef Karduner interview too! There are video and mp3's, so check it out y'all.

Speaking of Breslov, Arutz Sheva has posted a sample track from Shuly Rand's CD. Rand is well-known for his role in Ushpizin.

The J-Post reviews the Nochi Krohn Band disc.

Here's a promotional video for a wedding hits album. I find the opening segment in the shul to be lacking in respect. There are halachos about kedushat beit hamedrash. This sets a bad example. A little responsibility, guys?

George Robinson profiles Rob Tanenbaum, the composer of "Shiksas Are For Practice" and other fine songs.

Sameach has posted a preview clip of the Yeshivah Boys Choir plus DVD.

For those interested in seeing rather than just reading about... peep this! Truly a hartzige nigun!

This year's KlezKamp Blog is up. From the KlezKamp blog, here's Mark Rubin and Andy Statman.

Ari Davidow has posted his notes from the recent Yiddish Dance Symposium. We were invited to participate, but had to play that day. Looks like a worthwhile project. Hope the next one isn't on Sunday of Chanukah!

Here's a classic: " The Three Little Bops!"

Finally, what do klezmer and classic rock hits have in common? The accordion!