Tuesday, October 16, 2007

From the mailbag...

D. writes:
“You know you are playing at a yeshivish wedding when you have more fanfares than songs at the chupa”

Chupa- Pney Lelbon, Bilvovi, Ani Maamin
Fanfares- Crazy Train, Rock you Like a Hurricans, Baker Steet, YEAH By Usher…..
E. forwards a link to Life of Rubin's Yossi Zweig interview.

Craig writes:
I just read your 2005 Review of Finale vs. Sibelius and found it very informative. Have you had a chance to look at the latest versions of each? I teach a course in music technology and, for the moment, I am showing my students both programs. But it's expensive to keep them both updated. Any words of wisdom you can offer are much appreciated.
I have not upgraded Sibelius as yet. The new version adds VST support, which is nice, but I’d prefer if they fixed the issues with slurs, as that’s more important to me. I’ve been monitoring the Sibelius chat page, and it looks like there are some bugs in this version, so I’m waiting until they issue an update or two before deciding to upgrade.

I’m quite happy with Sibelius at this point, so I’m not staying on top of Finale’s updates anymore. They lost me as a user because of bad customer support, and Sibelius’ support is superb.

If you’re teaching about music technology, you might find some of the music tech blogs helpful.

Here are two of my current faves:
Create Digital Music

Aryeh writes:
hi, my name is Aryeh. I'm really a piano player, but the yamaha digital piano i use also plays rhythms and that sort of thing. sometimes I like to fool around using them, but the keyboard doesn't come with any rhythms that can really be used for freilachs or good horahs, and that sort of thing. You can't create rhythms on the keyboard, and I wouldn't be able to anyway. Do you know where I would be able to get a hold of some that I could play with? By the way, I think it would be a really good idea if you would put up some keyboard playing tips in your blog, cuz i don't think there are any on the net. All I know is that you play chords very low using your left hand, and the melody in the right hand. And there are usually 4 different variations within the rhythm. Is there anything else to it other than that? Thanks.
Any von-man-bands want to shoot this guy some pointers?

Shalom writes about my konsonans retro: a podolian affair review.
In your blog you wrote:

> Amazon has it here:

They say so, but I looked there, and it seems they don't actually have any to sell. You can, however, get it from http://cdbaby.com/cd/konsonansretro , where they also have some samples to download (sounds like good stuff). Price is $20.
MoC forwards a link to an article about the Beit Shemesh music festival.