Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Old Man and the Peeps

"Too Much Personal Information Guy"

"Too Much Personal Information Guy" gets a Mazal Tov. His daughter had her first child this past December after nine years of trying to conceive. It's nice to meet you too! Oif simchas!

"The Pregnant Bride"
'nuff said!

"Take Your Religion and Shove It Gal"

This non-observant peep is having a traditional ceremony to honor her very Orthodox parents. Dinner will be mixed dancing with an American band. So, naturally, to walk down the aisle to the chupa, (for which Daddy has hired a klezmer duo), she wants the band to... DJ a recording of a breathy female singing "Time After Time." The Chassidic relatives are sure to love this one.

"The Salesman"

"The Salesman" is an ad rep for a local Jewish paper. He tries to sell the band an ad during the wedding. Did we mention that he's also the groom?