Tuesday, May 30, 2006

From the mailbag...

Shmuel forwards a link to a Gospel choir version of Reb Shlomo's Pischu Li.

Yacov Young writes:
Yacov Young Cd in store now thank you for all your help
Best Regards,
Yacov Young
MOChassid forwards a link to his post "Niggun Un-Neshama: How to Destroy a Beautiful Song."

Eat Gebrux sends in a Carlebach Mad Lib:
If you would have stopped a Yiddelah while he was filling out a police report because his house just got robbed, and just the day before his mother had passed away, and he was maxed out on his credit cards and he was $50,000 dollars in debt and his middle son was going off the derech and he just got off the phone with his boss who had fired him: and asked him "what are you thinking about"
he would answer "I'm thinking about Yerushalayim,
I'm on my way to Yerushalayim"
Ban School writes:
Yaakov Shwekey's recent track on Oorah's latest album is-is it just me?-horrible. I mean, the guy practically slobbers over the lyrics and the melody itself lacks just about everything. Again, it could be just one persons humble opinion.

What's your take?
Looks like he didn't like it. I've been meaning to write about the broader issue of using artists to promote tzdakah, or should I say, using tzedakah to promote artists. I'll try to get to it soon. In short, there is a tension between using one's talents for mitzvos, which is clearly a good thing, and taking advantage of a mitzvah to promote a personal agenda. The dividing line isn't always clear. This CD can serve as a good illustration of the positive and negative sides of this issue.

As far as musically, I listened to the CD once. Nothing about any of the songs caught my ear.

Jordan Hirsch writes:
Hey guys,

Come on down to Barbes on May 30th for a great double bill. I start with the Kleztraphobix at 7:30, and Slavic Soul Party plays their regular Tuesday night set starting around 8:30.Barbes is at 376 9th Street in Park Slope right off Sixth Avenue.
Ellis Workman writes:
Who is Jordan?
Why should I care?
If I did? What city, state, country, & planet?