Friday, September 02, 2005

Ask and Ye Shall Be Answered

This should answer Jothar's question.

While we're visiting the Town Crier, check out this link to a NY Times article on Catskills nightlife. Here's the setup:
KIAMESHA LAKE, N.Y., Aug. 27 - The streets of Woodbourne are ghostly, clerks at ShopRite outnumber shoppers two to one, and the Kiamesha Lanes bowling alley is so quiet you can hear a pin drop. It is a Catskill Saturday night at 10 o'clock, and everyone - at least everyone observing the Jewish Sabbath - knows where their children are.

An hour from now, however, and all bets will be off.

With the sun safely beneath the horizon, Yudi Kaufman and Yoel Hillelsohn put on their long-sleeve Oxford shirts, jumped into Mr. Kaufman's Toyota Scion and cranked up the Yeshiva Boys Choir. By midnight, having picked up three friends at far-flung bungalow colonies, they headed to Wal-Mart in Monticello, its parking lot already crammed with baby carriages, camp vans and packs of teenagers practicing blowing smoke rings in the amber glare of the overhead lights. For many people, however, shopping was not on the agenda.
The Yeshiva Boys Choir -- road music for repressed teens!

Incidentally, check out the caption on the last photo: "Rabbi Mordechai Jungreis, at left, joined David Walker and Moishe Kishmich, at right, in a dance at a kosher pizza parlor last Saturday night." Reminds us of those crank calls regularly made to Moe's Bar on the Simpsons.