Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Link Dump

It's been a while...

Instapundit informs that GarageBand.com is partnering with Microsoft and will allow users to ressurect their MP3.com content.

Jewish rapper Etan G. has posted episodes of the TV show, "The Amazing Race", he appeared in on his website.
On April 25th, 2004, Etan G was ambushed at Canter's Famous Deli on Fairfax in the heart of Los Angeles. Made to believe he was going to a business meeting with music industry colleagues Daniel F. Scherl (President, Group 8 Productions) and Raj Gupta (President, Virtu Music Group), Etan G was in for a lot more than a surprise when Phil Keoghan (creator and host of the Emmy-Award Winning "The Amazing Race") showed up with a full camera and production crew to announce that they had selected to him to try and make his dream come true!
What was that dream?
With only three days and three thousand dollars... to produce and shoot a professional music video for one of his songs, have it reviewed by an A-list Rap Artist or Music Industry Executive, and have his mother present during the meeting so he could prove to her once and for all that his career as a Rap Artist is legitimate.
The House of Hock has a pair of posts, "stealing by any other name"and "Power to the people", addressing one JM distributor's apparent lack of ethics.

The 2004 version of Avremi G's "The Jewish Wedding" book is out. He's posted an index of songs at the above linked site.
This year’s additions include:

A new (old) Cm smorg set. (Thanks to T.R.)
An overhaul of the “Oom-Pah” set.
Some new (old) marches.
Several additions to the Chassidic set.
A totally revamped Dinner section.
Selections from the new albums of Mona, MBD, Shwekey, Yeshiva Boys’ Choir, Chevra 2, Lipa Schmeltzer.
By popular demand; The Lag Baomer Set.
The hit ‘Zochreini Na’ (Note: We've editorialized against playing this one here.)
A revamped Mizrahit section.
And more…..
Here's a YU Commentator article "Stomping Shagitz: Jews in Punk Rock".

Jewschool updates on John Zorn's Masada 2.0

MOChassid has the upcoming concert schedule at Aish Kodesh. See the comments too.

TheKlezmerShack notes that the Klezmatics/Woody Guthrie Chanukkah CD is available in limited edition online.