Tuesday, September 28, 2004


JM in the AM listeners may be a little confused after yesterday's broadcast with Yerachmiel Begun. The huge Kiddush Hashem event at Nassau Colliseum isn't this, it was the past Siyum Hashas.

The KlezmerShack reviews the Chevra...er...Khevre.

Velvel posts a new Even Sh'siyah MP3. Vietur.

Eli Gerstner has updated his website. Sheet music for his songs can be found here.

Finally, here's Instapundit on how he used MP3.com as a sort-of foreign-aid program for African musicians.
Via our effectively-nonprofit (well, it never turns one) record company, we had a sort of foreign-aid program for African musicians going for a while. We put their stuff on MP3.com and let them earn the "payback for playback" royalties. Those weren't a lot of money for most Americans (a few people made a lot, but a few hundred dollars a month -- what my band, Mobius Dick, was earning -- was doing pretty well). But a few hundred dollars a month is a lot of money in places like Uganda and Nigeria. Sadly, that was another casualty of MP3.com's collapse. If we can get micropayment-style systems working, I think that African musicians and artists would really benefit. There's a lot of talent there that's going underutilized for want of capital, in a whole range of fields.