Wednesday, August 04, 2004

It's Mincha Time

Margot Leverett and Marty Confurius play the soundtrack for Manhattan Mincha photo exhibit.

Here's the artist's statement by photographer Jaime Permuth which includes this:
In a recent issue of “Torah Times”-- the self-declared “largest Jewish weekly shoppers guide” -- I found eight pages of listings devoted to “The Manhattan Mincha Map.” Together, they provide a listing of all the places in Manhattan where professional Jewish men may come to pray among their fellows. Some of the locales are synagogues or houses of study. However, most of them are actual workplaces, such as pizza parlors, shipping offices, printing shops, jewelry shops, and so on. I will produce a photographic document of these places, and the people who pray there, exploring this unique convergence of the sacred and the mundane.