Monday, May 17, 2004

Concert Not Kosher, YU Rabbis Rule

Here's a YU Commentator report on a concert by the Seth Yacovone Band that was cancelled due to to pressure from Rabbi Zevulun Charlop and other Roshei Yeshiva.

A few 'graphs:
According to Rosenzweig, the Yacovone Band plays clean music and was excited to break into the Yeshiva scene. In fact, the performance was expected to attract around 100 students and a raffle was planned to raise funds for the One Family Fund, an organization dedicated to providing aid for terror victims in Israel. "I wish I knew what they objected to," Rosenzweig said in exasperation. "No one came to me directly with complaints, no one asked about the band or the event."
Rosenzweig claimed that had he been approached by the roshei yeshiva, he would have implemented measures to allay their fears. "We would have agreed to separate the boys and girls," he offered. "The performance had no religious or political agenda, we just wanted the music, the art."
Rosenzweig vowed to host the performance somewhere else at a later date. "Whether they like it or not we'll have a concert," he said, "the question is whether it'll be in the Village or in the safety of our own home."