Thursday, January 29, 2004

Playing With History

The Forward has the details on the newly opened musical "Crown Heights" and they are quite disturbing.
In the play, Scheerson's own car hits the child; both his car and a Jewish ambulance leave the scene immediately, implying that the Jews are guilty of leaving the children to die. 'There's a black boy bleeding,' actors sing, 'as the rabbi just runs.'"
Disgustingly, the play's authors claim "the play is pro-Jewish."
Naturally, because misrepresenting facts to represent Jews in an unvavorable light is pro-Jewish. Shameful.

The play is produced by the All Stars Project. According to the article:
The All Stars Project recorded an income of $2.5 million in 2002, without any government funding, thanks in part to support from a roster of Fortune 500 companies including Bear Stearns and New York Life Insurance Company.
I think these corporate sponsors ought to be made aware of how their money is being used.

Here is Bear Stearns contact info.
Here's the contact info for New York Life Insurance Company.