Friday, November 02, 2007

Time Fo' Some Mo' Peeps

It's that time again...

Here are some peeps we met at recent gigs.

"168 BPM Girl"
This chick NEEDS her freilach at 168 BPM or faster. If you slow down to 167 BPM, she's back at the bandstand, demanding "fast music we can dance to." (Yes, we did test to determine her exact tolerance level.)

The Rabbinical School Dropout
As best we can tell, he's either a dropout, or one of those people who stay in school for years, but never finish. To make a few bucks, he accepts a gig officiating at a small wedding for unaffiliated but traditional-minded Jews in a restaurant. Don't know exactly how these folks chose him. At any rate, he officiates, forgetting about the Ketubah, among other things. Good thing Rabbi Dm was there to remind him.

The Yeshivishe Translator
This guy gives a Dvar Torah in full-on yeshivish "Yinglish". He does stop to considerately translate two terms for his mixed audience. Those terms: Beit Hamikdash and Har Sinai. Considerate, but so pointless. We feel confident that anyone who needed those translated could not have understood the rest of his Dvar.