Monday, November 12, 2007

State of the Union

Check this out! The stagehands union is not going to be picketing the HASC Ohel concert tonight.
On the official Local One website, union president James J. Claffey, Jr., writes, "Local One has just been made aware that a fund raiser for mentally challenged children was scheduled for tomorrow, November 12, 2007 in the Marriott Marquis Theatre . . . Please be advised that I am removing the picket line at the Marriott Marquis Theatre so that this worthy event can carry on for the benefit of these children. After the load-out of the event, the picket line will resume along with all others.
This is obviously the right thing to do, as well as being in their own self-interest. Imagine the negative press if they picketed a private fundraiser for the mentally challenged?

Where they go above and beyond is here:
"In addition, Local One refuses to work under the expired collective bargaining agreement that we are exercising our legal rights against. We will work the event free of charge for the benefit of this Organization."
In other words, they're working this one, gratis. Now, I realize they're trying to make a point about not working under the expired collective bargaining agreement, but really, they could have quietly accepted payment for their work on this event. After all, it's not a regular show, it's a one-off fundraiser for a photogenic charity.

So, Yasher Koach to the stagehands union! (HT, HT)