Wednesday, November 28, 2007

11/28/07 Link Dump

Eric Steiner:Music Snob!

Teruah posts a trailer for "Rock 'n Roll Rabbis."

Create Digital Music has a back and forth with Waves' faux "enforcement group" At least, that's what it looks like is.

I don't own any Waves product in large part because of their idiotic WUP/upgrade policies. And, my rep at one of the big retailers tells me they hear that a lot from customers. The solution isn't to be more annoying. Should seem obvious, I'd think, but Waves obviously has a different view. This is a dumb move on Waves' part. I predict it'll backfire and result in commercial studios not using Waves at all because other superb options are available without the potential headaches.

VOS IZ NEIAS wants Simcha Felder to enforce the law against hanging posters on street corners. He does not propose an exception for JM marketing posters.

THE LIFE-OF-RUBIN BLOG posts some footage of the concert in support of MoC's new disc. That disc is on the review stack and I'll try to get to it before Chanukah.

Learning Tsymbaly posts some footage of a stripped down Shtreiml set. Nice!

Here's a Chanukah classic: I remember Judah Macabee.

Finally, Lazer Beams posts The Beatles, Yiddish Style! S'iz gi'ven a shvere togedikke nakht!