Wednesday, November 28, 2007

From the mailbag...

PT forwards a link to Perel's review of the YU Battle of the Bands.

Jordan Hirsch writes:
I think you bring up some good points regarding awareness of the true origins of some of the currently popular intros and riffs making their way around the JM scene. While I agree that not all the "bochurim" so taken by the current hits are aware of their provenance, some will eventually become familiar with the original versions because of their current popularity. At which point they will have no excuse. It is a little amusing and sad that the politically conservative Yeshiva crowd is so comfortable appropriating the gestures, language, and music of a culture which they decry every day. The radical democritization which Rock and Roll represents is part and parcel with the movements that brought contemporary culture the breakdown in sexual morality, personal drug use, and social conformity that is anathema to the Yeshiva world. They hate liberal political and social thinking, but without it they would have no fun, not to mention food stamps and welfare for Kollel families.

On another point, I agree that the pop horn sectiond should be used sparingly if at all in Jewish Music. My ideal of a horn section in JM can best be found on some of the old Rudy Tepel o'h recordings from the early 1960's, or perhaps the first Neginah Wedding album. My album Neshoma Yeseirah tried for that sound somewhat. Whenever I played with Piamenta, which was more often in the 80's, I stuck a harmon mute in my trumpet and tried to get a cool, Miles Davis type sound to contrast with the heat of the Piamenta concept. I don't know if anyone else liked it, but Yossie dug it.
"M" writes:
I am a sideperson who works in the Jewish field. I have read your blog for some time and and I enjoy it very much. Thanks!

I want to comment on a comment on the entry from November 26 from a person identified as "Y".

I have been asked to play the Usher lick many times in the past several months. Let me say; I am not a fan of Rap music, so honestly I don't know the lyrics of this number. I just want to make it known that what ever violent, misogynistic, perverted, deviant, or otherwise ill-advised behavior is not inherently "GOYISH"! No one in my family carries a gun, beats up women or uses illegal drugs.

Here is a news flash. Young people of all backrounds seem to enjoy this crap. Nobody is going to break down the mechitza and start an orgy at Torah Viera because someone plays that lick.

I really think we can calm down on this one.
Joel K. writes:
A little response to what "y", who is an in towner born and raised in Flatbush, had to say. Y. should stop complaining about Lipa and the style of music he plays at his weddings. Lipa is not the first guy to rip off a non jewish pop song it has been going on for years. If he is not comfortable playing non jewish music he should stop working or just stop bitching about it. Very popular wedding tunes like yidden from mbd and asher bara, kol hamesameach from piamenta are complete goyishe rip offs. All lipa did was take one riff.

This element is part of jewish music whether Y. or anyone likes it. Its not lipa's fault he's just playing to the crowd.
Now we're having a conversation! Anyone else want to join in?