Sunday, November 04, 2007

10/31/07 Link Dump (Delayed edition) - UPDATED

Inadvertently saved this as a draft 'stead of posting. So, here it is with some mo' links.

Orthomom calls on Cardinal Eagen to use his influence in "Church Endorses Message of Hate?"

Dahlia Topolosky has released Kol Nearim, an album on which she sings her children's movement lyrics set to the melodies of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. (Via Teruah.) Update: after having "Waddle Like A Penguin" in our ears all weekend, there's a 50/50 chance we'll wind up singing those lyrics next time we play the song at a gig.

Over at Tzelem-Currents, JR writes about a program bringing music to adult cancer patients and to prisons. One of these days, we'll post about the concert we played at Otisville Federal Penitentiary.

There's a new blog on learning to play tsimbl called Learning Tsymbaly. (Via KlezmerShack.) Looks interesting.

Ben Jacobson finally got around to reviewing the 'matics "Wonder Wheel" last week. He also reviews Lanzbom and Solomon's "Chabad Sessions" and Karduner's "Breslever Melave Malka."

We reviewed "Wonder Wheel" here and the Karduner disc here.

Here's an album we'd like to hear. It's by Shuli Rand, who starred in Ushpizin. (Yes, that is a mikvah. Glas he resisted the urge to put some greasy kugel on a fishook. Oh, nevermind!) reports Mare Winningham Spotted @ Ramath Orath. We reviewed her album, "Refuge Rock Sublime", here.

Sameach Music has posted a video preview of the HASC DVD they're releasing soon. This is a DVD of a live concert held in NYC. Judging by the preview it gives a good overview of the current state of Chassidic pop music. (The state is Nevada, more specifically Vegas, circa 1979, in case you were wondering.)

Ever wonder what would happen if somone applied's concept and slogan to the Jewish wedding band industry? One of JB's friend's has done so.

So, if you've been dying to send your event information to some anonymous musician with no contact info on his site, so that he can try to book your affair, that's the place to do it.

There was a website aimed at Jewish musicians a few years back called, I believe. The concept was similar in that they also expected people to give them personal information despite the fact that they also didn't publish any contact info or ID on their site, (although it was clearly unzere, as they say in French). That didn't work out too well either.

Finally, here's John Tendy's secret Jewish identity. Shh! Don't tell.

UPDATE 11/7/07:
One of the SimchaTree folks writes: “We are not booking any affairs rather we put consumers in touch with the orchestras, dj's etc. who can potentially give them what they want.”