Thursday, November 15, 2007

11/15/07 Link Dump

A Simple Jew posts: "Question & Answer With Shlomo Katz - "Composing" Niggunim."

Rabbi Ari Enkin posts at Hirhurim on "Clapping, Dancing, and Musical Instruments on Shabbos."

The J-Post reviews Omek Hadavar's debut disc and Blue Fringe's 'The Whole World lit Up."

Safam has released The Complete Collection Songbook, a book containg the music and lyrics to all of their original pieces. (Did we mention we'll gladly review sheet music books too?)

The nice folks over at Jewish music production company, Oorah, are conducting a push poll. No questions about Jewish music, though.

Jewish Music Blog is panning Yitzy Spinner's album based on the preview samples available. Among his critiques; the fact that Spinner composed all of the tracks on the album and that he explores different musical styles on the album.

Imagine that. An artist who writes his own material and is allegedly being musically creative. A shonda! This "review" makes us long for the days of "The guitar even plays wah-wah on freilich - talk about gishmack! "

The Town Crier posts a pair o' links about a Women singing in shul controversy in Upper Harlem.